Astralite Inc. INV-100-270-S-W


Astralite Inc. - INV-100-270-S-W
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  • 100W Fluorescent Emergency Power Inverter System.
  • Heavy duty 22-gauge steel cabinet with baked-on corrosion-resistant white powder coat paint finish.
  • Two (2) maintenance-free sealed lead calcium batteries provide years of dependable service.
  • Batteries in this unit are NOT TESTED and may or may not function properly
  • Upon power failure a fully-automatic solid state switching circuit provides emergency power.

  • Whether your emergency lighting xtures are uorescent, incandescent or transformer controlled low voltage lighting, your choice of emergency lighting power is Astralite INV. e Astralite INV-300 output is a modi ed square wave output that will run most uorescent, incandescent or transformer loads up to the rated wa age of the unit. Wall Surface Model: Heavy duty 18 gauge steel cabinet with baked on corrosion-resistant white powder-coat paint nish is provided as standard. Other colors are available. Batteries used in the Astralite INV are maintenance-free sealed lead calcium and will provide many years of dependable service. Upon failure of the normal utility power the Astralite INV will be turned on by a fully-automatic solid state switching circuit and provide emergency power to the selected load. e Astralite INV can be wired in three con gurations to meet the required level of automatic protection. 1) �Normally On� - the selected load will always be �on�, when utility power fails, the selected load will stay on. 2) �Normally On� - the selected load will come on only when the utility power fails or 3) �Switched Mode� - the selected load is controlled by local switching and can be turned on and o in the normal manner using a local wall switch, should a power failure occur the selected load will automatically turn on regardless of the position (on/o ) of the local wall switch.

      COLOR/FINISH: White
      CONDITION: UsedGood
      MODEL NUMBER: INV-100-270-S-W

      DIMENSIONS: 15.3-Inches x 9.1-Inches x 4.5-Inches (Length Width Height)

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